Whistleblowing attorney
for a fixed fee

Implementation and operation of a tailormade whistleblowing system

Did you know that due to the new Whistleblowing Act…

…a whistleblower protection system is mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees?

Whatever the activity of the company, it is compulsory to set up a whistleblowing platform and to keep existing policies up to date.

…the company’s general counsel cannot be mandated as whistleblowing attorney?

The new Complaints Act stipulates that a general counsel cannot perform whistleblower protection duties, an external whistleblowing attorney is required.

…the number of lawsuits brought by employees may be reduced?

If you investigate complaints in a timely manner, it can prevent lawsuits against you, keep your employees happy and retain your workforce.

Why do you benefit from our whistleblowing attorney services?


Fixed fee packages

With no hidden costs, you can plan ahead with our whistleblowing attorney fee, regardless of the number of complaints.


Employee satisfaction

Investigating complaints increases employee satisfaction and reduces fluctuation within the company.


Save on the cost of hiring a new colleague

No need to hire a new employee to fully handle complaints.


No further action required to comply with whistleblowing laws

We provide full service regarding all whistleblower protection related tasks.

How can a whistleblowing attorney help you?

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Tailoring your whistleblowing system

Assistance in choosing the optimal whistleblowing system for your company

Compliance due diligence of the existing whistleblowing system

Developing and customizing the regulatory framework for the whistleblowing system (Your Voice by Delaware or other platform) of your choice

Preparation and review of policies

Preparation, customization and updating of whistleblowing policies

Preparation, customization and updating of privacy policy

Preparation of internal employer notice

Preparation of a legal notice for your website

bejelentővédelem, bejelentővédelmi ügyvéd
bejelentővédelem, bejelentővédelmi ügyvéd

Investigation of complaints

Receiving and checking unlimited number of reports

Filtering unfounded reports

Investigate substantiated reports

Contacting the whistleblower

Anonymous summary of the report to the company contact person

Anonymous summary of the outcome of the investigation and proposed action to the whistleblower and the company contact person

Fees for whistleblowing attorney services

Basic Package

Investigation of reports

40 € + VAT/month

Premium Package

Preparation and review of regulations

50 € + VAT/month

Basic Package

Investigation of reports

80 € + VAT/month

Premium Package

Preparation and review of regulations

110 € + VAT/month

Basic Package

Investigation of reports

Individual quote

Premium Package

Preparation and review of regulations

Individual quote

The displayed fees are indicative, do not include VAT, the subscription fee is invoiced annually.

About us

Visegrad+ Legal is a network of independent law firms in Europe.

We have more than 10 years of experience in whistleblowing and compliance matters.

Our firm helped to create the Your Voice by Delaware whistleblowing platform.


We advised the Hungarian subsidiary of a French global leader in facilities management in investigation of complaints.

Full legal support for the Belgian-based software development and SAP consultancy company in the development of its own whistleblowing platform.

Ongoing involvement in the investigation of complaints submitted in the context of our own whistleblowing attorney services.

Free consultation

During our free, 30-minute online consultation, we will assess exactly what your company needs to comply with the Whistleblowing Act.

Reliable whistleblowing platform with lawyer support

Your Voice by Delaware is a platform developed with the assistance of our firm and fully compliant with the Whistleblowing Act.

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End-to-end encrypted communication

The platform is secure, encrypted communication prevents unauthorized access during information exchange.


Anonymous text and voice recording notification

Your Voice by Delaware software allows whistleblowers to make both verbal and written whistleblowing reports.


Monitoring and logging

Logs the receipt of a complaint, converts the report to PDF, thereby saving time for the HR department.

Frequently asked questions

Which companies shall comply with the Whistleblowing Act?

The Whistleblowing Act requires companies with at least 50 employees and all service providers subject to AML obligations, regardless their headcount, such as credit institutions, real estate agents, lawyers, accountancy firms, but also service providers dealing with the trade or brokerage of cultural goods (works of art, antiques) to establish and operate an internal whistleblowing system.

How to comply with the obligations?

Companies must ensure that they have an internal whistleblowing platform and that all complaints are investigated.

Does the 50-employee limit include subcontractors?

Yes, the Complaints Act also applies to firms that employ subcontractors, so the 50-employee limit can be easily reached.

What is the whistleblowing system for and who can make a report?

The internal whistleblowing system allows you to report information about any illegal or suspected illegal act or omission, or other forms of abuse.

Practically anyone who has some kind of connection with the business concerned can report to the system, in particular employees, contractors, entrepreneurs, subcontractors, suppliers, persons with an ownership interest in the employer, and persons who are members of the employer’s administrative, management or supervisory boards.

How should the company ensure the submission of reports?

The system must be designed to allow the whistleblower to make the report in writing or orally (by telephone or other voice messaging system, or in person). Reports should be investigated within a maximum of thirty days from the date of receipt of the report, or within a maximum of three months if an extension is justified.

What is the role of the whistleblowing attorney?

The whistleblowing attorney receives notifications relating to the activities of the client, provides legal advice to the whistleblower on how to make a report and contacts the whistleblower.

In order to investigate the report, the whistleblowing attorney may, if necessary, request information or clarification from the whistleblower, assist in the conduct of the investigation initiated on the basis of the report, as instructed by the client, and, upon request, inform the whistleblower in writing of the status of their case, in particular the outcome of the investigation initiated on the basis of the report, measures taken by the client or the refusal to conduct an investigation.

The whistleblowing attorney shall transmit the report to the client, but shall send an extract of the report containing no data that would allow the identification of the whistleblower, unless he has given his prior written consent to the transmission of his personal data.

We use a different whistleblowing platform; can we still use your whistleblowing attorney service?

Yes, we are flexible to adapt to established systems, with optional telephone and email hotlines.

Are the parties heard online during the investigation?

We prefer to hear the parties online.

However, in the event that a personal appearance is required to investigate the notification, an additional hourly fee will be charged for travel outside Budapest and Pest County.

Does the cost include everything?

The whistleblowing attorney service is a flat-rate service and covers all costs. The fees shown on the website are indicative and do not include VAT.

Can I choose annual or monthly accounting?

If required, a 12-monthly schedule can be chosen, but the minimum duration of the contract is 1 year.

Our cooperation process

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Free consultation

During a free consultation, we will assess what your company needs to comply with the Whistleblowing Act.

We advise on the optimal whistleblowing system for your company’s needs.

Review and drafting of regulations

We customize the chosen whistleblowing system to your company, develop the policy framework.

We prepare notices on whistleblower protection and data management; employer policies and information leaflets; update existing documentation where necessary.

bejelentővédelem, bejelentővédelmi ügyvéd
bejelentővédelem, bejelentővédelmi ügyvéd

Investigating complaints

We perform whistleblower protection obligations to the full: we filter out unfounded reports on a day-to-day basis and investigate those that are legitimate.

We form a bridge between the anonymous whistleblower and the company contact person, and send a summary of the results of the investigation and propose measures to the parties concerned.

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