In today’s technologically accelerated world, it is becoming more and more common for workers or entrepreneurs not to be tied to a specific place by their job. IT professionals, graphic designers, marketing experts and many others can perform their tasks sitting in front of a computer from anywhere in the world. For these people, Hungary offers another opportunity to stay in the EU with White Card.

What is White Card?

It is a special kind of residence permit that is granted to a third country national who

  1. has a verified employment relationship in a country other than Hungary and performs work from Hungary using an advanced digital technology solution, or
  2. owns a share in a company with a verified profit in a country other than Hungary and performs work or manages the company from Hungary using an advanced digital technology solution.

What can White Card offer?

White Card grants the right of entry without a visa and the right of residence in the territory of Schengen Member States not exceeding 90 days within a 180 days period.

What is the term of White Card?

The validity period for the White Card is maximum one year, and it may be extended once (by one additional year).

How can I apply?

You may submit your application at a Hungarian diplomatic mission in your home country or (in most cases) at the immigration office in Hungary.

As with other types of residence permit, White Card applicants should provide proof to meet the requirements of the residence permit such as the purpose of residence, accommodation, means of exit and health insurance. Special requirement for the applicant’s livelihood is that the applicant shall prove to have a legal monthly income of EUR 2,000 or more for at least 6 months prior to entry, which must be maintained throughout the period of stay in Hungary.


It is important to emphasize that White Card may not be granted to third-country nationals who work for a Hungarian employer or operate their business through a Hungarian entity. In their case, residence can be secured through a residence permit for employment or a residence permit for the purpose of gainful activity.

It is also important to point out that White Card would not provide legal basis for the spouse and underage children of the applicant via family unification.

Another limitation is that the term of residence cannot be accounted in case of an application for permanent residence.

In most cases, it is not easy to choose the right purpose of residence and to prepare all the required documents for the application. Visegrad Legal is ready to provide legal support to your journey as a digital nomad.