At the end of the summer, Pedro Beltrán, President of the AEA International Lawyers Network, visited Budapest and was a guest of our office.

Our team is a member of the AEA international network, which is present in 138 countries around the world. Although Visegrad+ Legal covers entirely our closer region, we also attach great importance to having links with high quality law firms in all major countries on all continents. Experiences over the last few years have shown that Hungarian companies have a wide range of contacts all over the world. We were engaged to find, among others, lawyers in Australia, China and Turkey and, on the other hand, had clients from India, Denmark, Lithuania and various other countries.

We were therefore delighted to welcome the president of this international organisation, which was founded in 2005. Mr. Beltrán has indicated that he expects to see us next spring at the AEA conference in Vienna, where nearly 500 guests are expected.

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